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Upcoming events

14 Jun 2018 6:00 PM • Old Fire Hall, 36 Sheridan Ave
12 Jul 2018 6:00 PM • Old Fire Hall, 36 Sheridan Ave
09 Aug 2018 6:00 PM • Old Fire Hall, 36 Sheridan Ave

About us

The Missionary Ridge Neighborhood Association (MRNA) is the collective community voice of one of America's most historic and beautiful residential neighborhoods. 


Stretching several miles from the Tennessee River bend to the Georgia state line, Missionary Ridge Neighborhood is a wonderland of fine homes, beautiful landscaping, historic parks and jaw-dropping views. 

The ridge crest rises 500 feet from the valley, providing a narrow buildable area that unifies the neighborhood with fresh breezes and awesome skylines. Bronze plaques, Civil War cannon and giant granite and bronze sculptures can be seen in parks and front yards.

Our association organizes the efforts of over 1200 neighbors comprising one of the top-tier tax bases within the Chattanooga city limits. 

Operating out of an old City fire hall building on the ridge at 36 Sheridan Avenue, we gather to discuss issues among ourselves and with City officials, work on common neighborhood land, and celebrate the holidays, including July 4th. Our MRNA fire hall is also our voting precinct.

Association block captains welcome those moving in to our neighborhood and organize our neighborhood watch efforts. 


Our neighborhood makes us happy. Come see why.


Missionary Ridge Boundaries

From the above picture you can see that our neighborhood averages less than 4 city blocks across.


The borders of our neighborhood generally follow the contours of the buildable area along the ridge. Many of the slopes are too steep for general construction.  

Google Map 

The map on the left shows the pointer approximately in the middle of Missionary Ridge. Clicking the + and - signs within the map allows you to zoom in and out to find the relative location. 

The major thoroughfare running along the top of the ridge is Crest Road, listed as S Crest for the southern portion and N Crest for the northern portion. The map will also show historic Civil War federal park areas.

Address: PO Box 3112, Chattanooga, TN, USA, 37404-0112


Email: mrnachattanooga@gmail.com

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